The VChat communication system

The VChat suite of software packages is a complete solution for deploying a communication system on your website or network. The open architecture of the system and a range of client software gives you flexibility in tayloring the server-side setup to your specific needs, while it provides users with the ability to choose from a number of methods to access the system. The builtin user management system with per-user assignable permission sets, server-side access control lists and a number of administrative functions enable you to control access to the system and aid in administration.


VChat is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL), version 2 only, as published by the Free Software Foundation.


The VChat software is split into separate packages. The vchat package contains the client software and the TELNET gateway. The server software is contained in the vserver package. The VChatApplet package contains the platform independant client Java applet. Each software package comes with detailed setup instructions and documentation.
Package: Version: Date: Platform: Size: Download:
vchat 2.42c 24. Jun 2002 UNIX 120K Download
vserver 2.43c 04 Sep 2009 UNIX 231K Download
vserver 2.43a 23. Aug 2006 WIN32 180K Download
VChatApplet 1.00 05. Sep 2009 ANY 219K Download

Public VChat Servers

Server: TELNET access: Web chat: telnet:// telnet://


The following table lists the documents, that are currently available:
Document: Version: Date: Size: Download:
VChat Protocol Reference Manual 04-11 22. Jun 2002 20K Download
VChat Java Documentation current 01. May 2009 160K Download

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